Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun.

Thank you to Aeire for this one!

Keenspot's flesh-revealing event of 2001 is Spots Illustrated. A group of fairly talented, fairly dedicated, fairly popular cartoonists presenting to you their comic characters in swimsuited glory.

We, the scrabbling plebeians, have no such thing. Instead, I intend to show you what our characters look like in another potentially provocative locale.
Yes that's right, I'm talking about the boudoir!
(Note for the very stupid: That means their bedroom)

Lingerie! Carelessly undone bathrobes! Silk teddies! (not of the bear sort, unless you're a furry...) Large men squeezed into conventional boxer shorts! Nudity! Flannel so unsexy that it becomes sexy! Why should you be deprived of this (fetishistic) sight?! It's just not right.

So here's the plan: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will add, oh, two or three pictures to this gallery. If you're a cartoonist and you want to submit some pictures to be displayed here, please email me (James) with the name of the comic you do, the images you want used (either as an attachment or a link to an already-uploaded copy, thanks terribly), and the name of the characters in the pic.

So! That's that then.


Thursday, December 6: The last pics to be added were The Nolans and Treasure Hunters, on page 13. Thank you very much, everyone who submitted an image!

Here are the latest images:

Visit Page 1 for the first wave of 2001: A Lace Odyssey; within are characters from Sporkman, Harmless Free Radicals, Bob 'N' Ed, Delinquents, DeViations, Legend of the Galaxy War, and Anything But.

Page 2 contains characters from Clay B, Untitled Again, Decorative Edison, Harmless Free Radicals, Nerd Alert, Shadowfall, Sporkman, Chaos Inc, and Xenith!
There's gear from RPG World, Casey & Andy, Bathroom Enterprises, Boy Girl Club, PDI, Polymer City, Chucko Liang, Midlands and NGTI on Page 3.
Page 4 contains... Spork, Riboflavin, Captain Mooki, Floor 13, Floyd Cartoons, Furfire and Adventurers!.
On Page 5, check out Better Mousetrap, White House In Orbit, Blotto Street, Brainfries, Deadly Angels, DeViations, Insanity Inc, Deathworld and Japanese For Crustaceans.
Look to Page 6 for pics from Yin & Yang, Anything But, Captain Mike, Delinquents, Fight, Cast Or Evade, Sporkman, Not Gonna Take It, and PDI.
And on Page 7, Kung Fu Kitties, Umlaut House, Heather Blackhammer, Chaos Inc, Purple Duck Mambo, Silly Cone V, Framed, Paladin's Haven, and RPG World!
On Page 8, Deathworld, Chucko Liang, DeViations, Nerdz, Sexy Losers, Angry People, PDI, Captain Mike and Silly Cone V.
Page 9 has stuff from October's Fools, Misty, Project Squidship, Fight, Cast Or Evade, One Dumb Brunette, Element's Song, Chucko Liang and Protection.
On Page 10, check out stuff from Sea of Insanity, Captain Mike, Anything But, Captain Mooki, Furfire, Ronnie Raccoon, Misty, Blotto Street and Japanese For Crustaceans!
J-Walkin', Smapdi, PDI, Eight, Wizztards, Misty, Chucko Liang, Deathworld and Element's Song all feature on Page 11.

On Page 12: One Dumb Brunette, Chucko Liang, Wings of Change, PDI, Misty, Smapdi, White House In Orbit, Wizztards, and Captain Mike.
On Page 13, enjoy pics from Smapdi, Misty, LCD, Wizztards, Deadly Angels, Situation Nowhere, Lean on Me, Makenzie's Locker, Talkin', Love and Desperation, Eternal Caffeine Junkie, Cap'n, Project Squidship, Killroy and Tina, The Nolans, and Treasure Hunters.

Or check out the Shel Gallery...

Ahem. 3 buttons, linking to Lace 2001, for the use of!

Oh, did I mention I draw Riboflavin? Had to plug it somewhere! :P